SafeBuild Alliance: Mentoring Program Development

Donaldson Enterprises played a key role in the development and implementation of SafeBuild Alliance's mentoring program.

The SafeBuild Alliance launched its very first mentoring program. The program was developed by a committee of SafeBuild Alliance members, of which Suzanne Donaldson Stephens played a key leadership role. The program is a one year program that partners construction companies with mature safety programs with MWESB -DBE contractors who have expressed a desire to improve their safety performance.  Members of SafeBuild Alliance work toward zero incidents on construction projects.  The SafeBuild Alliance mentoring program incorporates collaboration, education and information sharing. Specifically, the program includes individual meetings between mentors and mentees, an OSHA 10 hour training course, and enrollment in a program that assesses a construction firm’s safety program. The assessment provides valuable information and identify specific areas that mentor and mentee can work on towards improvement.  In addition, to help in developing the structure of the program, Suzanne has developed intake forms, report forms and other tracking forms that will help the program run smoothly.

As a member of SafeBuild Alliance, Suzanne Donaldson-Stephens immediately began demonstrating leadership skills. She joined the SafeBuild Alliance committee that was charged with developing and implementing a mentorship program focused on improving Safety performance for contractors in Underutilized and Disadvantaged communities. Suzanne’s commitment to social equity and her expertise was quickly evident. She guided the committee as the framework, content and details of the program were developed.”

-Karen Blythe, Executive Director.


SafeBuild Alliance

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