Oregon Department of Transportation Disparity Study

Donaldson Enterprises collected anecdotal information and participated in public meetings as a sub-consultant on the ODOT Disparity Study.

We served as as sub-consultant to Keen Independent Research on this 2016 study. We participated in internal and external stakeholders meetings for the duration of the project and conducted in-depth interviews with business owners throughout the state of Oregon.

Scope of work includes:

  • Scheduling interviews
  • Conducting interviews with business owners and other public organizations
  • Travel to and from interviews
  • Tape recording interviews and preparing summaries as appropriate
  • Prepare monthly progress reports

The Oregon Department of Transportation Disparity Study analyzed whether there is a level playing field for minority-and women-owned firms in the Oregon transportation contracting industry and in its own contracts. This information helped ODOT operate the Federal Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program for its federally-funded contracts.


Oregon Department of Transportation

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