Metro DBE Workshop and Supportive Services

Donaldson Enterprises provided MWESB outreach and support services for Metro.

We planned and co-facilitated a “How To Respond to RFP” workshop for Metro. Other responsibilities include:

  • Perform outreach activities to potential bidders.
  • Identified potential barriers to proposing.
  • Assist qualified firms with the Oregon State certification process.
  • Provide technical assistance to qualified and certified proposers responding to the Vegetation Management RFP.
  • Provide due diligence documentation.

As a result of this workshop Donaldson Enterprises provided certification assistance to 5 firms who became certified, 6 firms received one on one proposal technical assistance and 15 certified firms received a contract. Overall there were 28 contracts awarded for this RFP resulting in over 50% of the contracts being awarded to certified firms.

“With Suzanne’s outstanding leadership, dedication and ability to support our organization’s project goals we achieved great success in providing assistance to our clients. I strongly recommend Suzanne Donaldson for projects that require strong leadership, professionalism, great organizational skills and a pleasant demeanor when working with people. Suzanne has been very dedicated in helping Metro to increase diversity in contracting. I had the pleasure of organizing a workshop for which Suzanne was one of the winning proposers and took a leadership role in making the event a success. Suzanne worked on a project team to plan the workshop and conduct training on MWESB certification, sustainability in contracting and how to do write successful proposals. It was clear from the beginning of the project that Suzanne distinguished herself from other team members by her excellent leadership skills, outstanding outreach work and dedication to the workshop. I particularly appreciate Suzanne’s authentic approach and excellent presentation skills to educate traditionally underserved businesses about how to do business with public agencies. The weeks following the workshop Suzanne committed herself to providing technical assistance to the workshop attendees in order for them to achieve their MWESB certification and writing a strong proposal. As a result, Metro has received an increasing number of successful proposals from traditionally underserved businesses. Suzanne is a great team player and easy to work with. We are looking forward to working with Suzanne in the future. We are in the process of planning more workshops and outreach events for which we will seek Suzanne’s great expertise again”.

—Gabriele Schuster, Procurement Manager, Metro



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